The Constellation is a movement of individuals and communities, an organisation and a network of facilitators. We are bound by our conviction that every individual and community has the capacity to respond to life’s challenges: to create a shared vision to meet that challenge, to take action in service of that challenge and to learn from the experience gained from those actions. We call this a Local Response.

With Local Response, communities think and act for themselves. Constellation facilitators stimulate them to take action through an approach that appreciates strengths and fosters local ownership. We call this approach SALT that stands for Stimulate-Appreciate-Learn/Link and Transfer.

The approach is straightforward: we introduce a set of steps, each of which increases ownership by the community. We share innovative ways to sustain the changes that the community makes. We connect the community with local responses and facilitators around the world so that they can share what they are learning and learn from each other.

During the past 12 years, the Constellation has facilitated local responses through more than 100 partnerships with governments, national and international organisations: we have also accompanied small groups of people. They have all found our methodology an effective way to advance their projects. Community feedback and external evaluations show systematic and sustainable impact.

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Visual Development is a media production company conformed by a team of filmmakers, designers and animators with years of field experience in humanitarian aid and development projects.

Our added value is our capacity to combine our experience in communication and project development to help organizations to communicate, document and learn from the work that they do. In Visual Development, our objective is to create films that provoke and inspire change.

We harvest the potential of visual languages to shift the boundaries of what’s considered possible, and articulate new alternatives.

Our films are led by the experiences and learning of the people that are benefiting from the project.

To achieve this, we closely work with all the stakeholders involved to shape the narrative content of the films; then, once we have reached a common agreement about the story that needs to be told, we -as filmmakers- craft the story telling and its visual structure.

The result is the articulation of new visual arguments that usually challenge the fairly limited representations of social and development projects that we normally see.



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